David Mattersdorfer Founder Resupply

DI David Mattersdorfer

Founder and Engineer

Finished my studies at the University of Leoben in Raw Material Porcessing and Refining.

Long experience in polymer recycling and trading.

My Vision: Closing the polymer loop!

The material value combined with the physical and chemical strenghts make polymers more or less unique.Some of the many advantages are, low production costs, fully recycable, light weight and durable material properties.

The one thing missing regarding polymers is the closed loop - we are working on it. 😉


less than 33% of polymers are recycled

In Europe less than 33% of the polymers are mechanical or chemical recycled!

In Europe over 33% of the polymers are incinerated

and over 33% of the poylmers are landfilled!

...other countries including the USA or China look worse!


Close the polymer loop.

Resupply waste polymers!

Waste must be collected were it is caused:

Commercial waste polymers can be supplied directly to a suitable recycling company and do not have to run through a whole disposal system. The benefits are:

  • Less disposal costs, because the process is more efficient.
  • Less energy consupmtion, because less processing is needed.
  • Higher transparency, because you can decide yourself who is resupplied with your materials.
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