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waste Polymer - old EPS

The answers to your questions about waste polymers. We do not only answer them but design a concept suiting you needs.

Project: What possibilities are there to close the polymer loop?

Recycling: Which design do I need in order to recycle my waste polymers properly?

Material price: What are my waste polymers worth and how can I increase prices and quality?

Buyer Match: What buyer might be interessted in my waste polymers and what requirements are needed?

Logistics: What is the best transport? Which packaging do I need? etc.

... what are you looking for?



waste Polymer - old EPS

As an agent we are the best way to sell your materials or find a suitable sourcing option. Our core qualities are:

Materials: Regrinds, regranules, waste polymers, bales, production residues, name it.

Full transparency: All the information about the possible transaction partners, logistics and other details are yours. You always get the full picture and will be part of the process.

Risk free: Only after and in case of a successful transaction our commission fee is effective. We tell you about our commission fee in advance. It is depending on the kind of material and estimated work load. Prices will not change afterwards.

Speed: You will get fast results, because we are good at what we do. We know the market and its stakeholders.

Region: Our core market is in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Allthough we constantly expand our services in Europe.




..closing the loop by resupplying your materials!

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